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We Can't Decide

Our Quick Ludum Dare Game

A Game about being unsure of what to develop

Gary Lucas and I decided a little late to join in on the Ludum Dare Game Jam this year, starting almost 12 hours after the jam had begun. Rather than make a game that followed the theme of "shape shifting" directly, we decided to make a game that would change itself, rather than being about changing.

We decided to make as many small "games" as possible and rapidly change between them as the player progressed through the game, leading them on at the start, claiming to be an in-depth RPG type game before switching once their character had been created. Some playtesters spent a good 20 minutes creating their character with skill point allocation and customizable character sprites before they found out that it was all for nothing once they finalised their character. 

The player then has to play through a bunch of small minigames, including a sidescrolling shooter, a mobile- style burger making game, a motorcycle driving game, a bullethell game, a maze, and a stealth section, all leading up to the RPG character creation scene.

Obviously all of the minigames are very quickly done(read: broken and unpolished), each one taking somewhere between 20 seconds to 5 minutes to play, but the game as a whole was a success, getting many laughs from friends and developers.

If you'd like to play the game, it can be found on my itch profile, here!

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