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Space Wave Survival Game (GGJ17)

A terribly named prototype that I kinda liked.

Here's some gameplay footage

Space Wave Survival Game

A fairly mechanically simple game I decided to throw together for GGJ17. The main goal of the game was to write some behaviour for an AI enemy using a 3D Environment to try to navigate to the player and fire accurately at high speeds.

The AI managed to shoot too accurately, so I had to apply a little bit of weapon spread to allow the player to survive a little longer.

The AI only had 5 states.

About: To bring the plane about on its target, it slows down and gains manoeuvrability.

Target: Targets the player and attempts to reach optimal firing range. Once it closes in, it fires.

Resume: Returns the target to the plane's primary target, returning to the About State.

Evade: Shift's the plane's focus away from its target to avoid obstacles.

FollowTarget: When the plane has a teammate or a target it's interested in, it will match the speed and the vector of the target.

Now, the last 2 states had behaviour created, but triggering systems were dropped before the end of the jam.

I may continue this project a little longer. I thought the prototype was fun, and implementing more behaviour will open up a lot of options for gameplay mechanics.

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