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OJam: Stay A While

My second submission to OJam

This game was created at OJam 2016 in the space of 48 hours. I teamed up with Quentin Bellay, Thomas Pryde, and Jessica Rowsell on the site of the Jam. I created backend systems and core gameplay, including the main objective, collectables, player movement and trigger systems. I also created pixel art and animation for the players, environment, and enemies.

The theme of the Jam was "Stay a While" with a diversifier that "actions be louder than words". We took this to mean:

No words in the game;

Try to prevent the Players from "staying" at the campfire;

The gameplay was designed with constantly spawning monsters, themed after many common phobias, which would try to kill the players. The players would have to move around to avoid monsters, while collecting weapons and fuel for the campfire. The challenge for the players was to stay as close as possible to the fire, which would grant health and visibility, while simultaneously keeping it burning and avoiding death.

The game can be downloaded from the OJam arcade, here. (zip file, containing exe)

The game is played by either 1 or 2 players, with XBox360 Controllers.

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