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Ice Age: Procedural Terrain

A Game By Its Cover Submission, 2016

Matching an aesthetic with code.

For my submission to AGBIC Jam 2016 I picked a cartridge created by an artist over on Famicase. The art of the cartridge appealed to me in a minimalist sort of way that I thought I could achieve with minimal modelling and some effort and tweaking with a procedural mesh for the terrain.

I used a random Perlin noise sample to create some smoothed terrain. I detected the slope of each vertex in relation to its neighbours, multiplying the height by a value set in the inspector. I calculated the face normal of each polygon, if it was below a threshold, I would set it to blue, but near flat normals were set to a white. I filled in any white polygons that were surrounded by blue, completing the glaciers.

I added some camera effects and particles to complete the effect.

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