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A Bejeweled Clone

A little project I made in Unity3D

A little project in a little time

So a few days ago, I decided I'd create a small little project to see if I could make something quickly without any assets. I didn't use any of my existing codebases or asset packs, deciding to just create a quick clone from the ground up in Unity3D. 

I decided bejeweled was a good choice, as I can create the Jewels and the whole play grid using entirely code and application art.

I found this little project fun, but not very challenging. The main concern was optimising the code for mobile use, done by avoiding an update loop and using solely Coroutines handling each step of the project. When each step was done, the Coroutine would call the next phase of the game.

The Itch page has a downloadable APK for Android, as well as an In- browser build.

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