• Dennis Bowen

    Game Developer

  • About

    I work extensively in the Unity engine, both in 2D and 3D, focusing primarily on Procedural Level Generation, System and Behaviour programming as well as In- Editor Tools.


    I graduated from Algonquin College School of Technologies with an Advanced Diploma in Game Development in 2015.

  • Big Projects

    My larger projects and games.

    Fix My Car Series

    FireRabbit Inc. (2015 - Present)

    I currently work on a contract basis as a Game Developer, creating everything I need for full projects from scripting to models and level layouts and population.


    I am employed as a designer on a number of titles in ongoing series by Fire Rabbit Inc. I create adaptable Design Documents that persist throughout the entire development cycle as well as complete Level and Game Designs both on paper and in Unity 3D.


    Titles I have developed for FireRabbit include:

    -Fix My Motorcycle: 3D Extreme Motorbike Mechanic Simulator

    -Fix My Car: Unannounced Title

    -Unannounced game

    -Unannounced "Room Escape" game

    Zone Run

    Student Project (2015)

    I gained valuable Game Development experience as a student during this period working in a small team as a Lead Developer to create a product up to the Beta phase of development in Unity C#.


    I created boss fights, game management systems and procedurally generated obstacles for the player. The project was shown at the Level Up showcase in Toronto, gaining a respectable audience with multiple returning players.

  • Other Projects

    Projects I've worked on, tools I've created, coding exercises I had fun with, and Game Jam Games!

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